Introduction to Private Investigations

At LJ Research, Inc. we know the various situations that bring individuals to need the services of an investigative agency. Our team comprises over 60 years of law enforcement experience and service. We take that knowledge and professionalism to each and every client that we provide investigative services for.

Hiring Our Services

The quality of service you receive from an agency such as ours is both personal and direct. You are not just a number - each and every client is given our full attention while services are rendered. Our experience and past client experiences speak for themselves.

Upon hiring our agency, we will set up a meeting to discuss what it is you are looking to accomplish within our expertise. From there, we prepare a full report outlining the work and our discovery. We work closely with persons of the private sector as-well-as public and business accounts.

  • We conduct our services with complete privacy.
  • We meet to discuss your case and provide a statement of work.
  • You are provided with a full report outlining the work and our discovery.